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As we all know, Dubai United Arab Emirates  is an international city. Every year millions of people from different countries come to for some business and the majority for leisure and millions of people from all over the world.

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Many people have been living here for years due to the desire to work. Most of them are from India, Pakistan, China, Nairobi, Russia, Korea, Germany, Philippines, USA, UK, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia. Thailand, West Indies, Egypt, Syria, Beirut, etc., which are people of different colors, races and religion All of them have different ways of mortgaging. Some people have a husband-wife relationship and most of them are unmarried men and women. Because Dubai has far fewer restrictions than the rest of the world. And people live their lives freely here. In Dubai, most of the men live a free and quiet life with friendship and friendship. It is a natural process to have close physical relations in such an environment. And most of them are unmarried. Millions of women are pregnant here. And because of this natural process, they suffer a lot of difficulties. Because  Dubai United Arab Emirates is a  Muslim country and abortion is very difficult religiously here.

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Married couples face many legal complications here and also face various difficulties in hospitals. So think for yourself that marriage How difficult it is for married couples to have an abortion here, for unmarried couples it is not possible to have an abortion in Dubai. As we all know that the whole world is in trouble because of Corona (COVID-19), in which all lifestyles have been transformed into muslin and people are confined to their homes. Business activities are also limited under the OPs and daily medical practitioners are also required.

Corona is a higher risk sign for women who are currently pregnant and wanting to have an abortion. But Corona is very worried about the cause and the closure of the hospital. And at the moment they are also having problems in abortion.

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In order to alleviate their anxiety, we provide them with abortion facility in their home. As we all know that abortion is in aborted countries. There are no restrictions on pregnancy, such as in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc., etc. In these countries, abortion can be done in any way you want. There is no restriction on whether you are married or not.

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The United Arab Emirates government implemented preventative measures in January 2021, to ensure that access to and the supply of health care remained strong in order to manage COVID-19. Such measures included suspending elective surgeries, visits and external consultations both in the public and private spheres to free-up slots, in addition to suspending vacations for health workers in the public sector as well as making more beds and resources available within the public and private health sector.

 days after the first case was confirmed in Dubai , on March 13, 2020, a curfew occurred, which started out being flexible, of only 8 hours (from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am), but since then there has been a 24-hour curfew.

Today, in Uae  lives in a total and compulsory quarantine (Dubai’s cases and deaths continue to rise), that only allows maximum circulation: two hours a day for three days a week, according to gender and the last number of the personal identity document. Monday, Wednesday and Friday women can mobilize; while Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, men. Due to the continuous increase in cases and the non-compliance of the population with the restriction rules, since JAN 2021 the absolute curfew was extended, which was previously only for Sunday, and was seen for a period between Saturday.

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